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Buying and Donations to the Mountain Bike Community in Cuba.

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Buying and Donations to the Mountain Bike Community in Cuba.

Cuba have a very small community that is growing in Sancti-Spíritus the center of the island. There are no bike stores no where to get parts and replaces for bikes even getting tires is almost impossible so keep riding is a very hard problem, every time we go out to trails in the mountains one of our members will probably come back without the opportunity to make it again for broken parts, which mostly are old ones and of not good quality as we are using what we can when we can. We have some videos you can see on youtube where you can have a better picture of what we are talking about. We will keep riding and will always be our pleasure to welcome riders from all over to join us. If you have any old parts at home or in the basement or garage getting dust it can be of a lot of help down here to keep us riding and even getting more people into riding with us as there are some of us with bikes broken not having the chance to get then back to mountains and trails for missing parts. You can find us in youtube, facebook, pinkbike looking for cubanmountainbikeclub .
Thanks for the time.