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Riding from Austin, Texas into Monterray, Mexico -best place to cross?

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Riding from Austin, Texas into Monterray, Mexico -best place to cross?

Hi, I am going to be riding my bicycle from Austin into Mexico, headed to Monterray first.

I've heard crossing in Laredo may be dangerous, and to potentially go a longer way around to avoid that area.

Any thoughts? Has anyone done this particular crossing recently?


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I would do the ferry crossing

I would do the ferry crossing at Gustavo Diaz Ordaz / Sullivan City between Rio Grande City and McAllen. It is a HAND pulled ferry, the last of its kind along the US/Mexico border. While I have not ridden, I did "walk" across it October 2014 and it was nice. Very quiet/slow ferry. Back then the cost was maybe $2 a person. The only issue may be getting a hold of a tourist visa.

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ferry crossing

Hi John, thanks for the tip! Did you mean here:

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Yes. That is the one. It is

Yes. That is the one. It is very basic as expected since it is just a few guys pulling on a rope to pull the boat across the lazy river. Hope you have a great tour! John

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Actually, the ferry is

Actually, the ferry is located here but you would have found it I am sure. If not, maybe you should not ride to South America :-)

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mexican border cross....

well any border in any country is not an easy cross.....and I had croosed at least 20 borders around the world.
and the truth is that the only rule is : luck backed with a lot of precaution.
there is not a good advice in a bike trip...and over all for a woman...not to mention if you are atractive.
Any good tip for others could be a bad one for you......
Laredo is these days famous for a lot of crime...but 90 % is based in the people around the crime,drug etc...but
Monterrey is the same,famous for good people...but a lot of crime in the drug crime thing....but

Try to get to the HUASTECA POTOSINA ,IS A NATURAL PARADISE IN MEXICO.....located in the San Luis Potosi area.
have a good trip

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border crossing

Hi, you could also try Piedras Negras, if you veer further west. Never been to that crossing, but it's more off the beaten path so likely quieter. Have you considered simply crossing at Laredo, then taking a bus to Monterrey? I'm not sure how interesting of a ride it would be between Laredo and Monterrey. It's rather flat, vegetation is semi-arid, and there's not much in terms of nice towns. I find, in Mexico, it's best to stay in the sierras, as traffic is much lighter, and it's super scenic. Monterrey, being at the foot of huge mountains, could be the start of an awesome adventure. Nothing wrong with eliminating the "bad spots"!