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D1 Dynamo USB Converter

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D1 Dynamo USB Converter

Hi all,

Have a 6W dynamo? Want proper USB power?

I have 4 remaining D1 converters from the first batch which I'm doing at half price as I kick them off (if you order one at half price I'd appreciate a little review somewhere on the web if you have the time). Made by an around the world tourer, me, for other tourers!

I'm an avid supporter of Warm Showers so I'll donate $5 of every order to the fund, and later when the price goes back up I'll do a bit more and and give members a substantial discount. If you're wondering, these are hand made and take ages. They are a nightmare to put together! It's a little project but everyone is tested, carefully assembled and designed to last for ever - hence the lifetime warranty.