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Panniers: Your feedback is required

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Panniers: Your feedback is required

Hey bikers,
I recently started a new project: Building my own panniers. I built some prototypes and now I would appreciate to get some feedback from some experienced long distance bikers.

If you got a few minutes would be great if you could respond to 10 short questions under the following link or just give me some feedback about your experiences, critics and wishes for panniers and other bike bags (handlebar, seat, frame).

Thank you so much!

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With respect, these look like

With respect, these look like ortliebs and i don't think you can expect just to copy something that's already been made and sell it. We buy orteibs because they are super tough and price is proportionate. If you want to do better than ortliebs, then you need to come up with something that they' don't do.

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Hey Andrea,

Hey Andrea,
You´re completly right and thanks for your feedback.
I need for personal use 8 pares of back panniers this year. 8 x 2 x 40 = 640,-. So I decided to do them on my own.
This type is the standard pannier. Not only Ortlieb, but almost every company builds at least the basic version in this way. It´s simply the most easy to build. Easy to mount on the rack, easy to make them waterproof and - important to me at the moment - only 3 2-dimentional corners to seal.
When I started to build them I had a lot of ideas I want to do different. Specially because I try to do as much as possible on mountainbike trail and don´t have a rack then. But for the moment I wanted to go for the easiest to get used to it.
There is already one differnece that at least I appreciate: Through the asymetric form finally my hugh feet fits even with click pedals

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On the ortliebs you can slide

On the ortliebs you can slide the clips along so that your feet don't hit the pedals. Assuming you are on the right size bike, your feet shouldn't be hitting the panniers. My panniers are essentially either left or right because of this.

Your survey which i did sounds like you were planning to sell panniers.

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As I said, mainly I want to do the 8 pares I need for myself now. Then I have some ideas how I euqipe my mountainbike to carry more baggage on my mountainbike without losing the the caracraristic of a mountainbike too much. If this works out good, I will probably also need 3 or 4 of them. And if that works out good you never know what happens. But once again, for now it´s the first of 8 pares for myself and then time will tell. At the moment I like to work on them and as in every handcraft is my aim to reach the best possible result.

Me, and as I know from the survey not only me, got the problem that the chain stays on mountainbikes are shorter and even in the best position on the slide it´s simply not 100% long enough. I also thought about the right and the left side caused by that, but I think if I´m touring with bags on both sides it doesn´t matter or am I wrong? My formal once had an additional pocket on the backside, so they had defined sides as well and I never had a problem with that. The problem i see at the moment is that they don´t stand upright on the ground because they are heavier on the frontside ;)

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