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Bikes for sale in Chile on March 2016

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Bikes for sale in Chile on March 2016

We have two bikes for sale.One male, one female, both 28 inch ( we are 160cm and 185cm)
Biria frame, shimano gears and breaks.
Female white,shimano alivio gears, frame 18', v-breaks.
male black, shimano axera gears, disc breaks, frame 19'
Both fully serviced before our trip. ( brand new chains, gears, break lines etc.)
Now we are doing Cartera Austral so our internet conection is limited,
but we will write you back.
We also have other bike equipemdny which you might need, bikebags,
and tools dedicated to this bikes.
We will be in Puerto Mont around 9.03.2016 and in Santiago on 11.03.2016 ,
and for few days from 21.03.2016. ( we could elastic with dates)
Male for 650$ female 550$