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house for rent in Cochabamba, Bolivia

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house for rent in Cochabamba, Bolivia

I've been a host both in China, and here in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I've cycled the world, and now moving on to Spain (want to cycle Europe).
But, I want to keep the 'casa de bicicletas,' going here in Cochabamba. I've had many cyclists stay here, and it continues.
I will pay the rent until someone takes the house over.
This casa, in the north hills (Temporal Alto), Terminal Av. Los Robles (next to Tunari National Park).
Ideal for many reasons, especially for cyclists, outdoor types (as on the road up into the Park). It's a small house on the ground, with a fair sized grassed patio. I've added two photos., but there are more if interested.
Additionally, inexpensive comparitevely...
Basic rent: 1,000bs. per / or $140U.S.
All additional, utitlites and Cometco Internet a total of $100U.S. This includes a housekeeper twice per week.
Total: $250U.S. per month.
If interested contact me, F.A. Hutchison ('Hache' in Latin America):

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very kind

wow, that is very kind of you. We will start from Canada with our kids, only expecting to pass through Bolivia in 3 or 4 years. Hopefully, the casa de ciclistas will still be up and running.

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