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Please someone donate a Touring Bike so i can do my Tour for cancer.

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Please someone donate a Touring Bike so i can do my Tour for cancer.

My name is Tony Blakey, I am a 32-year-old with a passion for traveling by bike around the world. I brainstormed and came up with the idea of LIVE LAUGH GROW for people like myself to be inspired and motivated to live the life of travel. Here you will find DIY, tips, recipes, accommodation, jobs, photos, videos and also a little slice of heaven the place I call home.

I want to travel from Rouse hill, NSW to Victor Harbor SA to raise money for Cancer research.

Since December 2015, I’ve been thinking of going on bicycle adventure From Rouse Hill to Victor Harbor. I think the ride will take about three & half weeks that's 1,726.38 Km. Some of you might say that is a crazy idea, yes I do believe it is a crazy idea but this is one of those crazy ideas where you just want to get back to nature and use all the senses like sight smell and touch. Meet new people and make new friends along the way. I love photography and video, I will be documenting my journey and creating this Blog. I guess I am doing this journey to find out the larger picture of who I am as a person and to grow physically and mentally. Also, I thought to myself if I am doing this trip I might as well do it for a cause. So on the commencing date of my journey, I will implement a donate button to raise funds for Cancer research.

A love for adventure is what drives my journey.

When I left school, I got a job at Mcdonalds cooking out the back. As my first job, I was very proud of myself as I as working hard learning new skills and earning my own way. After about 6 months I left my position at MacDonalds and sat at home playing PlayStation hanging out with mates, drinking and doing other random things that young teens might do. After a few month, my mother was fed up and told me to get off my ass and stop being so lazy and go out and get another job.

I landed myself in the art of Shearing and roustabouting, after working on a man's farm and learning how to fence, heard cattle, shear and wool class on John's farm with enough experience he then took me to cocky sheds to learn the art and earn a wage. I made some great friends saw some awesome parts of Australia and it was an experience I will never forget.
Since I have left Shearing I got into Hospitality and have been working in kitchens cooking up until now. I love to cook I guess I get the flare from my Mother, you can find some of out family recipes here.

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