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Fuji Touring 2016 - Opinion

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Fuji Touring 2016 - Opinion

Hi Guys,

would love some advice...

I live in New Delhi and am starting my first tour in the June 2016 across India... I am planing on buying the Fuji touring 2016. Can people who currently own this cycle (or have in the past) share their opinion about what they feel about this cycle for long distance touring...

There doesn't seem to be much out there save a few glowing single paragraph reviews on a few websites.

I will use this initially for road touring across the North Indian mountains - Manali - Leh - Kargil - Delhi route to begin with (mostly road with a few rough stretches)...



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I own the 2014 Fuji touring

I own the 2014 Fuji touring and it is a wonderful massive bike! It's so big and tough that I called it Baloo. It handles well and has a wide gear range. I feel that I could load anything on it.

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Fuji Touring

Ha Thanks for feedback, Jonathan....

Can you share any information regarding the max tire width and chain stay length.. I wanted to change the stock tires to Schwalbe Marathon plus tours 700x40c (but I am not sure if they can be used with this cycle) ...

Thanks again,


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Marathon Plus are slow

The Marathon Plus tires are slow, but indescructable. I was getting sick and tired of patching flats on my recumbent trike ( that I replaced the right tire (closest to the curb with all the debris) with a Marathon Plus. I could hear it buzzing and noticed a significant rolling resistance hit. I didn't wear it out before I got tired ('scuse the pun) of pushing it and replaced it with Marathon, Big Apple or Greenspeed Duro (tandem version of Scorcher) tires. I don't know this Fuji model, but I've used up to 700x44c on my Miyata 210 and 1000LT touring bikes in the past.

Interesting connection. I'm back in Canada at the moment, but the rest of the family is currently on a 2-year posting in New Delhi (Chanakyapuri) and I've been riding my Greenspeed solo/tandem convertible trike all over New Delhi traffic which feels safer than riding here in Ottawa (Canada)! I just returned mid-March and won't be back until late July. I'm interested in touring the areas you've listed on my solo trike. We've actually ridden this trike train contraption in Delhi but would like to tour Goa with it

I'm also a fairly serious photographer... (member of DPEG: Delhi Photo Enthusiasts Guild)

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