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Food suggestions

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Food suggestions

Hi people,

I'm planning a trip on summer through the Alps with my brother. Both of us have been in short trips of about a day or two, but never on long trips. This time we are travelling for two months and we want to camp as much as possible (we are trying to keep a short budget). We are planning to bike a minimum of 50 km every day and I would like to ask about food recommendations, what kind of food people take to long trips?

I would really appreciate any suggestion from experienced people in this matter!

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food suggestions

Hi Jose,

This will be for everybody different. Meat is difficult, we buy eggs, boil them, so you can take them with you for one or two days, depends the temperature of the weather.
Gabbage, carrots, or other vegetables with rice or pasta, in the evening. If possible lentils, cook them, take them from the fire, put the pot in an insulation, (sleeping bag or something) and wait, or cook them after 20 minutes again, and wait.
We buy milk during the day and finish it immediately.
Enjoy your trip, don't worry to much,

Marten and Karin

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Marten and Karin!

Marten and Karin!

Thank you very much!
I took note of everything and I particularly appreciate the last part 'don't worry too much', it gives me confidence :)

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I have always at least one meal deep in my saddlebags in case (closed grocery or more existing etc ...)
this can be couscous and beef jerky (homemade)
Chinese noodles
I do not use it before the end of the stay ...

here somes ideas

* fried rice (link is external)

* tomato feta chick peas salad peppers
* spaghetti and tomato soubressade sauce (link is external)

* boiled egg tortilla cheese ham
* falvored spicy couscous
* tabbouleh (link is external) hard boiled egg cucumber tomato
* dahl (lentils soaked all day in a water bottle rice

* wasa / salsa humus ham cheese
*: falafel (link is external)
tortilla tomatoes peppers onions

lentils salad tomatoes peppers onions ham feta cheese
(Quick cooking) (link is external)

* fried cereals flakes (organic store as biocoop )
with ham ,cheese ,eggs

in organic store as biocoop you can buy just what you need
it is very useful for morning cereals for exemple

* chinese noodles + want you want (vegetables ,meat, eggs )

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Thank you very muuuch!
I've already taken note of everything :)

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Food suggestions

I just buy fresh at the market. Bread, cheese, salt cured meat like salami or prosciutto and a fresh vegetable like a cucumber. I've found that this isn't too expensive as you end up getting multiple meals out of it

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