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Newcastle question

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Newcastle question

Hello dear cyclists from newcastle,

my son and I will be arriving in Newcastle by boat from Ijmuiden/Amsterdam in July. We want to go with our bicycles up to Thurso by train. Our trianstation in Germany cannot reserve places for the bicycles on the trains in the UK. Can you tell me how to get reservations for bicycles on the trains in the UK? Do I physically need to go to a trainstation to buy this? then the trains of my choice might not have places for bikes any more because it is holiday season..... My son loves the Highlands and he definitely wants to cycle in the Highlands..... so we have to get there somehow.

If anyone can give me any idea how to manage this or at least who to ask I would be very happy.

thanks for reading this.
Greetings from Stuttgart

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Britain ~led the world in privatisation, so it is ~the opposite of somewhere like Germany:
there are numerous companies each with their own cycle policy.
Once you've identified it you can look it up.
main variants at offpeak times are: allowed with, or without reservation.
if with, it may be required to get at station in person, may be only 2 per train.

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thanks for feedback

in the meantime I have got some help from warmshowers members in Newcastle. I can recommend Trainline - you can call them and they reserve tickets also bike reservations for you.
Thanks again for answering to my question :-)
Have a nice day.

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