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Bike for sale in San Francisco in june (+panniers)

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Bike for sale in San Francisco in june (+panniers)

I'm riding the Pacific coast route from San Diego to San Francisco.
My bike will be for sale (with racks and panniers) when I will be in San Francisco around the 10th.
It's an hybrid bike (Electra brand) with shimano (derailler, cassette, shifter...), wheel: 700. The cassette and the chain are new.
It's a small frame. I'm 5'2''.
The panniers are classics Ortlieb waterproof, brand new: 2 in front and 2 in rear.
The bike with the racks and a lock: 320 dollars.
The panniers: 250 dollars.
I'll stay from the 8th to the 16th of June in San Francisco.

Ask for more informations and photos.
I'm on the road right now and it might not be easy to find wifi connection during the next few days. But I'll reply as soon as possible.