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Via Francigena - Looking for hosting

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Via Francigena - Looking for hosting

After nights of maps and tracks, I think we have something that looks like route. :-)

We are about to start a cycling trip from Kortrijk, Belgium to Bari, Italy. From Arras, we will stay as close as possible to the trails of the Via Francigena / Romea (the ancient Canterbury-Rome route over the Grand St-Bernhard pass)
We are still looking for sleeping places. We plan to do about 80-100 km/day in the plains, 50-75 in the mountains. Starting june 16.

If anyone can help us with suggestions, must-sees, hinds for camping in the wild, or, better than that, shelter, we would be very grateful.

In case anyone would host us, we do our best to live seamless and to leave your place without any trace except a good feeling. We can sleep on our self-inflating beds / sleeping bags, and don't worry about cooking, we always have some backup food with us. We don't come in before 18:00 neither after 20:00 and we will get up and leave at the times that suit you most.

Locations where we will pass by: Arras - Bapaume - Péronne -Laon - Reims - Châlons/Champagne - Vitry-le-François - Bar-sur-Aube - Langres - Champlitte - Besançon -Pontarlier - Lausanne - Montreux - Martigny - St-Bernhard - Aosta - Dora Baltea (river) - Santhia - Vercelli - Pavia - Piacenza - Pontremoli (Fiume Magra) - Marina di Massa - Lucca - San Gimignano - Siena - Monteroni d'Arbia - Bolsena (lago) - Viterbo - Roma.

After that, we continue South-East through Parco reg de Castelli Romani - Frosinone - Benevento and visit a friend in Ordona, Puglia.

From there, we will occasionally continue to Bari in order to get transportation to places undefined until now.

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I would look at the sites for

I would look at the sites for walking as there are a lot of church hostels, I did Canterbury to Rome in 2014 and had no problems finding places. In Italy there is a PDFs list of the hostels about 5-10 Euro a night in 2014.