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Across - but also sort of around the US East to West, through the South

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Across - but also sort of around the US East to West, through the South

Does anyone want to try going down the East Coast, or across the south, or up the West Coast, ....maybe even all of it?
I don't know a lot about the US, but I have a bicycle and a few months' time free. I haven't really ever been in the south or the west. I'd like to go cross country at least once. It'd be nice to do any of that with someone(s) .
I've been thinking of doing it for over a year. My bike has been packed up for 2 weeks already. I'm just waiting around for the primary day in New Jersey now: June 7th - because it hasn't stopped raining here, and it'd be good to vote as well. I'm planning to spend that Tuesday night/ the 7th at my little sister's house in central NJ, then start heading south, down into: Washington DC, Raleigh, Jacksonville, (etc.) then head west along the Southern Tier route. I have it tentatively mapped out as far as Mobile Alabama, but I'm totally fine changing it to accommodate anyone who wanted to come along with me. There are people all over the place I'd like to meet with. That's likely true of anyone. If you want to add any detours, I'm okay with it.
It's really really short notice I realize (thought I had posted here a long time ago), but if anyone wanted to meet in NJ I can wait a little longer. If anybody wants to meet somewhere along the route, I'm sure we can make that happen.
I did a quick 72 mile test run with my set-up. It took me 4.5 hours to get that far. I don't need to go that fast the whole way, I'm not sure if it's even sustainable over days and weeks. We can go slower or take breaks, whenever too. I'm easy going, & I'm a landscape painter; I'm bringing a small kit to do small work with - when there is spare sitting around time: - so no worries on that front.

I have a road bike with mountain shoes, a: seat pack, frame bag, and handlebar bag. I think it's 40 or 50 lbs of weight with both water bottles and the camelback in the framebag all filled up. I have a tent/ tarp (in case), some lights, a rear camera...

If you do have any interest though, in whole or in part, do send a message. It'd be more fun with some company.

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Going Westbound on TransAm as well as some South

Hi Ryan, I'm a 38-year-old vegan chef, currently in Maryland. I just messaged you.

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