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Any bicycle loving WS friends in Copenhagen looking for flatmates??

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Any bicycle loving WS friends in Copenhagen looking for flatmates??

Hello WS!

Me and my partner have recently returned from a wonderful cycling trip (Uk to Ghana, West Africa) with amazing experiences staying with WS hosts. We have not yet been able to give back to the community and host as we've been living in temporary accommodation and moving about a lot, but in August 2016 we are moving to Copenhagen, Denmark, and are looking for a fabulous, WS friendly house to live in and flatmates who might want to share weekend bike adventures and longer future trips.

A bit about us (do look at my profile also if you like!): we are Zak and Alice, aged 26 and 24, both about to start Masters programmes in Copenhagen (Zak in forestry and ecology, Alice in migration studies). We would like to live together and share a room but we are both very sociable and not at all introverted couple people!! We like to live with others and share food, cooking, fun weekend trips, bike rides and bike fixing, enjoy watching films, gardening, exploring the city. Neither of us speak Danish yet but we will both be taking classes at university and will be very eager to practice. As we'll be students we would like somewhere cheap, and not too fussed about being very central as we're used to zipping around on our bikes! Both very interested in communal living and would be interested in co-ops, collectives, etc! Our aim is to find somewhere where we could start repaying our wonderful WS hosts by having some other travellers to stay :)

If you think you could help or even just put us in contact with someone, please let us know, thank you!

Alice & Zak