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For the Danube

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For the Danube

Regards lovers of the bicycle.

My name is Esteban and it does more than one month I began my first trip in bicycle from the Canary islands, already I take 4300km tours and a few days ago I started getting down the Danube. Today I am in ingolstadt.
If you live near the Danube and have where it could sleep it would be brilliant! Also if you like to share some section pedalling with me I would be charmed with know people. Of preference that it knows or Spanish wants to practise that my Englishman is ridiculous though it me comes well to practise.
The most important thing is to know wonderful persons in this trip!
If they want, they can write to me message and I will answer always.

Tenan Pérez

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Otro bajando el Danubio

Hola Estebán:

¿Qué tal va la cosa, canarión?. Soy Juanan, de Sevilla, he visto que has empezado a bajar el Danubio en bici. Yo espero empezarlo el próximo día 20, así que como me llevas ventaja pues ya me cuentas como va la ruta (si hay controles de alcoholemia de los civiles, radares, en fin... :-)))

Ánimo y buen viaje. Lo mismo coincidimos por el camino, aunque yo voy tranquilito que la prisa mata...

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Disfruta mucho Juan! Yo al

Disfruta mucho Juan! Yo al final ya acabé, hace una semana en Budapest, mas de 5200km. Mañana vuelo de regreso, disfruta mucho del Camino!

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Olá, vou começar 1 junho

Olá, vou começar 1 junho Ingolstadt.

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