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Sent out several requests, no contact from anyone- Glitch

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Sent out several requests, no contact from anyone- Glitch

hello fellow travelers=
I just rec'd an "angry" email from a fellow who claimed to have responded twice extending me a place to stay.
He has retracted b/c I never responded.
I sent out maybe a total of 15 or more requests a couple days apart in early june. I did not get one single response. thus, I cannot respond b/c I have nothing that indicates an offer, no contact from anyone.
Now, I know it's not me personally.

There is no way to track whom I've sent out requests to. No replies are coming to me.
What happened? How can this be rectified?
I cannot find anywhere any "settings" to be sure things are set up in a way that allows me to receive contact from potential hosts.
I'm very unhappy about this, as it's left me w/ no housing options, no way to connect to other folks via WarmShowers, and some people out there assume I'm a jerk for not responding.
I do respond to everyone who contacts me, IF I RECEIVE IT!
Thanks for any help.

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No Contact

Could be as simple as an over zealous Spam filter? This culd be on your email provider (eg. gmail), or on your email Client (e.g Outlook). If you use a corporate/business email address they may also filter this without your knowledge?