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2017 plan kick starting

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2017 plan kick starting


When i've done my exams in January i'll jump on my bike and get rid of all that desire that makes it difficult to be sitting still for the studies! (Which starts in september) so i have about 8 months for an adventure.....

Are you planning anything but need a companion? Or are you thinking about touring in that period and want company? Let me know!

My plans are to diffuse to write about, but i'm just thinking

5-6 days a week, minimizing it as the journey goes is possible! (yea, it might be to much for 8 months..)
100-150 km a day depending on the elevation.
Light weight touring with as little as possible, but enough to survive in the wild (i'm thinking about a good mix of cheap accommodation and camping)
As cheap as possible without starving.
A place where the weather is always good! Or you know, i just don't like it to could, so getting away from europe is it! Maybe heading towards Europe as the spring and summers comes.. Or just cross the Atlantic and cycle around South America. Australia, New Zealand...

I'm a very socialized person, i enjoy others company a lot eventhough we're talking or not.
I like languages and to observe how we humans communicate with each other, i speak Dansih and English, a little spanish and less german. I also know danish signlanguage pretty well some few american and international signs. And love to learn new words from the language they speak whereever i am.
Actually traveling around some spanish speak conutries (or with a spainsh speaking companion) would be nice, so that i can improve!

I love food! Fruits, veggies, meat... All the different cuisines around the world is one of the main reasons for me to travel.

And now we're aorund main reasons, do i have to mention the nature? No i don't think so.... But i love it!

To sum up a bit:

I'm basically just looking for anybody who also has some touring on their minds next year!
By the way i'm 23 years old, girl, living i Copenhagen,Denmark.

Let's have a chat!


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Hi Trine,

Hi Trine,
I am thinking of quitting my job (or ask them to give me some long unpaid leave - at least 4 to 6 month) and going south in March and turning back north all the way to Scandinavia towards late April/May, but exact plans are very blurry at the moment. I have to synchronize it with transcontinental race (July) that I would like to attend and some mtb Scotland highland challenge (i will have to perhaps give this one up). Otherwise I like the way you want to go, as light as possible and still able to stay out.
In winter 2017 I would like to go to South America, from North to South.
Those are my plans, hope i find some balls to quit that job.
Anyway, if you pass by at the beginning of the year, you are welcome.
cheers Jakub

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Hello Jakub

Hello Jakub
if you are in southamerica at 2017 if you want we can meet there.I will start my trip at 2017 August from Buenos Aires.I want ccle around southamerica.
hasta luego

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Hey! I'm also graduating in

Hey! I'm also graduating in December! Are you interested in touring Europe and Asia with me?

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Melisa, I'm starting a bike

Melisa, I'm starting a bike tour around SEA with a Russian friend of mine in November. She has no experience so at first we'll be going slowly, mostly through Vietnam, then probably we'll pick up the pace, but on the other hand I work and bike at the same time, so I need time to stay online in some cafes with wifi and so on. Anyway, by December we'd be in Laos and then in Cambodia, and finally in Thailand. Maybe you or others can join us for part of the trip.

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2017 is the year

hi , my friend alejandra and me are planiing to start cycling europe first and then southamerica ....maybe asia but most likely ..starting jan ...we are thinking to choose a key city where to fly in , personally i want to enjoy the cycle no rush so a good part of the year for that ...
maybe i will set up a group chat ..we are both from colombia and really looking forward for the trip ...
hope it sounds good

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Hi Trine - how is your

Hi Trine - how is your planning / trip going? I'm planning on cycling from Georgia to China from mid-May 2017 onwards... does this fit in with your route at all??

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