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bikes for refugees

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bikes for refugees

hello there,

My name is Alfi and I am member of warm showers for a long time. On my trip I stopped in Greece, 2 months ago, since then I am helping in a refugee camp in the city of katsikas.

The idea I am bringing is: could anybody help us bringing at least 10 bikes, the bikes can be as creepy as you could imagine, broken as you could imagine, we will fix them.

You could organize a ride within friends or family to be able to deliver them. Maybe volunteering in the camp and help us to settle everything up.

The idea is collecting 10 bikes and create a project in the camp were refugees will fix bikes and will teach how to fix a bike to the teenagers of the community.

Your help us more than welcome! !

thank you for your time, patience and energy.


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Bikes for refugees - great initiative

Hi Alfi,

I really like your initiative and would love to contribute. I'm currently on a bike journey from Northern Europe to Southern Europe (via Eastern Europe; atm in Turku, Finland) and foresee to finish my ride in Greece.

I'll spread the word and will keep you posted on how I can help you.

In any case, good luck!


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