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Visit Berlin - search for place to stay

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Visit Berlin - search for place to stay

Hi there,

we, two girls (20, 36) and a guy (38), are headding by speed cycles from Stuttgart to Berlin next week.
Our final destination will be Berlin (my hometown).
Anyone likes to host us from Friday (Aug 12th) to Saturday? And if possible even the following night (until Sunday, Aug 14th)?

Would be great to get to know you and have a room/beds to stay!

Best regards,
Jana & Co

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Virtually no one willing to

Virtually no one willing to host you is reading this forum. The burden is on you to write to individual hosts in Berlin and make a case for why you would be a good guest. Unlike, for example, Couchsurfing, there are no formal open requests on WarmShowers: the guest has to write to all potential hosts.

Also, you have a much higher chance of finding hosts if you add a profile photo. That doesn't necessarily mean a photo of your face, it could just be a colourful photo of your bike. It’s just that anything at all is better than the icon that appears by default, which suggests to hosts that the person hasn't put much effort into their profile.

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