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Vintage cyclists

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Vintage cyclists

I am a recently retired man who is embarking on the cycling adventure which I never had as a young man. I am flying from the US to the UK soon. I will be cycling from Yorkshire, England beginning in mid-August, 2016. I plan to head south to London and then take Avenue Verte to Paris. I will continue from Paris, but I am not sure of my route yet. I would like to use Warmshowers as much as possible for this trip. If anyone can offer advice, I would greatly appreciate it. My first question would be to ask if hosts will accept a 65 year old cyclist as readily as a 30-something cyclist. Thank you in advance for your comments.

Warm regards,

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Old Guy on a Bike

Hi Niel,
First of all may I wish you a wonderful adventure . As a host and occasionall guest in my 70th year I have never considered my age or the age of my guests. I have hosted from age 18 to mid 60's so my advice would be do not give it a second thought. We are cyclists and the bicycle bridges decades in age difference and unites us
in a very special way. If you find yourself in Chiang Mai northern Thailand in a year or two please contact me.
Keep the Rubber on the Road
Dell and Nong

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I wouldn't worry about your

I wouldn't worry about your age one bit. We've hosted everyone from their very early 20's to their 60's and wouldn't hesitate to host anyone older as well. Just go for it and welcome to the world of cycle touring, it's never too late.


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I did my 1st part of Trans am

I did my 1st part of Trans am in 2015 age 59 , part 2 at age 60 and will try and finish at age 61, actually might be on it on my birthday, age has nothing to do with it ( I made a simple mistake for me this summer, I did the wrong thing on a rest day) all the stuff that has happened has been part of the journey.

Go have fun embrace the trip one day at a time, the good the bad the ugly it is all bout the journey.
maybe I'll try London after I find the east coast!
Good luck


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