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Through Turkey, West to East, mid August?

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Through Turkey, West to East, mid August?

Hey, my name is Shane and I'm currently on a tour, trying to ride from Ireland to Australia. Been on the road for over 10 weeks now and have made it to the Black Sea and will enter Turkey in a couple of days. I'll spend maybe a few days or a week in Istanbul and then I'll start accross the county. I don't really have a route in mind, so I'm pretty flexible, but I was thinking of heading to Georgia, so maybe along the north somewhere. Anyway, if anyone is travelling that way, it might be cool to spend some time together. Or if anyone has any advise or tips or maybe contacts along the way, that would be great too!
I ride between 80km and 120km a day usually. Sleeping involves camping, hostels, cheap hotels, WS, CS, anything at all! But that's all open for change and not set in stone at all (like everything else on this trip)!
You can check out my FB page if you like - Whooleys Bike Tour
And blog -
Let me know if you're interested.