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Portugal - Neatherlands on bike

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Portugal - Neatherlands on bike

Hello everyone!

I'm Erika, from Portugal. I hope i'm on the correct group for this post. If not, im sorry!

I want to travel by bike from Portugal to Netherlands, it's around 2000kms, and i want to start in the beginning of September.

I already cycled the Saint James Way in the spring, but i used the pilgrims houses to sleep. Now i'm taking my tent with me but it would be great to sleep in a house from time to time to recover energies and to take a warm bath.

Attached im sending the tour im thinking about taking, with no details yet.

There is anyone in these tour that can give me a bad and a shower? and maybe some food? im travelling with almost no money, im going to be unemployed and most of my money went to pay for bills. so i will need some help in the way :)

If you are interested in helping me we will keep in touch and i will tell you when i get close to your place.

Thank you so much

Erika Almeida, a biologist girl from Portugal.

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This is not how it works. Its

This is not how it works. Its not like couchsurfing where you can send your single message to the whole community and get replies. Here you have to try a little harder. Its up to you to approach hosts individually. You have to look on your route and see who is there and message them. You will need to look at profiles after you've been given a list from your search. Generally its advised to write to several in the area because not everyone will reply. To be polite. you should reply to all responses, even if you end up not staying there.

I would advise you not to ask for food. This sounds like you are asking people to finance your holiday. Its not done.

If a host offers you food you can be happy but you can't expect people to do this. In fact, you should ensure that you show appreciation for whatever is offered. You should not really ask for more than is offered. It would annoy me a lot if a guess asked for food once they were at my place or even if they wrote to me asking for food. So i note my limits on my profile and any good host should do the same.

Really the politest thing to do as a guest is to take something along as a sort of gift but most don't and probably most don't expect it either in this community but what i don't like and what most people don't like are free loaders. Expecting to be fed sounds a bit like a freeloading.
The thing is just because you don't have any money, doesn't mean that others can afford to feed you.

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