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Selling 2 bikes in athens

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Selling 2 bikes in athens

The cycling part of our journey will be over soon. it will end in Athens where we take the plane to Asia.
We want to sell the bicycles and travel further without them. The bikes are not specific touring bikes. They are commen citybikes with upgrading parts for extra heavy luggage. They're used, but in a vry good shape. We made 4500km till now with no problems!
We're now looking for someone who is interested in buying them. Do you need a bike or do you know someone who might be interested? Or does anybody know a bike store wich buys and sells used bicycles?

Please write us if you are interested and if you need more information!

Thank you

Adrian & Zoe

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I guess the freeday-bikers in

I guess the freeday-bikers in Athens would be interested or could help (check them on fb
Otherwise I suggest you try Tsirikos (just write them or pass by, you will probabaly be able to sell f.e. paniers etc.)
or head down to Monastiraki. As long as I can remember they buy used bikes at the end of the pedestrian street (coming out of the metro on the square turn left and walk by the shoe-sellers and stuff. Get ready for heavy bargaining over there though)
Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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