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I have bought a bike (woo) and I am currently in Medellin Colombia and will be beginning a tour to Patagonia as soon as I get my equipment together. I originally posted here looking for a Bob trailer, which I have decided will be impossible to find here. So I am now in search of panniers. I have been to loads of stores and nobody seems to carry them. Can anyone PLEASE advise me where I can find a decent set of panniers (and a decent rear rack for that matter) in Medellin. Thanks a bunch!


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Hi Caleb, we are having the

Hi Caleb, we are having the same predicament as my husbands bike was stolen in Panama so we are regrouping and trying to purchase gear here in Medellin too! If you haven't yet found one there is a rear rack that looked ok in Ciclo Benotto Avenida 44, Medellin. Have you been able to find any front racks anywhere?



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Hi! Sorry for the late

Hi! Sorry for the late response. I got my tour started and have been away from internet the past few weeks. But thanks everyone for the helpful input. I ended up getting my panniers shipped to me from the US. Turns out it's not too expensive (via parcelmonkey - kind of like the of shipping) I hope everything worked out well on your end Kelly. I didn't see any front racks in my searches unfortunately, but I'm using more of a bikepack style strap to the handlebars type setup so I wasn't searching especially hard either. Good luck!

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You can ask to this man about panniers

Contact him

This man Carlos is a professional in touring cycling. He can help you!

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