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i sell my bike in Bichkek, and wheels tyre

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i sell my bike in Bichkek, and wheels tyre

I finish my trip in central asia, so I would like to sell my bike or some pieces like the wheel or the tier.

The frame is a women frame, and I'm quite small also
Actually it's a old bike that I make new all mecanic before the trip, with good staff.
The handle bar is curve like a butterfly.
There is front and back carier.
The wheels are also good, 26'. And the tyre it's schwalbe , I made around 2000km with them.

If you need just some part you can ask maybe I can leave , and aboult the price I was thinking something like 200 euros, but let's see.

I will stay in Kyrgyzystan untill the 13th of september.
You can contact me directly by phone : 0709269248