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Central America Tour

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Central America Tour

I am already in Costa Rica and planning a tour, my first tour. I have ridden bikes all my life up mountains on and off road and a few triathlons but never toured until now.
So what I need, I am looking to ride with no real plan just see where my wheels take me. I would like to to know good places to ride, must sees, must do`s.
My only plan as it stands is to start in Limon and ride the coast to panama, I have always wanted to see the canal, have seen it on the tv but thats it. After that it is a blank canvas I like the idea of going north towards Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, and maybe Cuba.
I am willing to stay anywhere my bike is safe and meet new people, would love to ride with some people as well if you have anything that you could tell me then I am interested.

Many thanks