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Looking for a good Samaritan in London, UK!! :)

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Looking for a good Samaritan in London, UK!! :)

Hi fellow cyclists!

My name is Émilie from Quebec, Canada. I have been touring in the UK for the last 15 months and will be in London in about 5-7 days. Everything has been going well until few days back when one of my panniers' hook broke... I can still keep going but I will need to order new ones off the Internet as I can't find any shop selling the one I want; Vaude Aqua Back Plus Black Pair, 51L.
Here is my little problem: I don't have any address to ship them too not being from here and not having been there yet. I could send them to a post office but it's a bit more tricky.
I am therefore looking for a good Samaritan who wouldn't mind me putting his address as a shipping location and where I could pick it up. I know it's a long shot but I at least have to try ;) Or if you have an other solution, please let me know!
I am also planning to stay in London for a few days and am therefore looking for a place to stay from 29th of September for 2-3 nights.


Émilie :)