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Selling two Specialized awols in New Zealand Queenstown

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Selling two Specialized awols in New Zealand Queenstown

Me and my boyfriend are now selling our specialized awols sixe M. We bought them new in January in Sydney and have biked the east coast of Australia with them. They are great bikes and we never had any trouble with them. They got front and back racks on them and they coming with a set of 4 waterproof pannier bags to each bike and couple of other accessories. 2 Drink holders for water, the tires are pretty much new and we have had them for service 3 times since we bought them. $1000 for each bike with the pannier bags. We will be in Queensrown till end of November.
Contact me on email for more info.

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" not available.." marker please !

Hullo WS Member ... please Edit your Profile to show yourself as " not available.." ...[ as you are not at home !]

If you want to use this WS website for your own selling purposes, ( which should not be WS business, IMO) please take the time to set your Profile to give an accurate description of your circumstances.

Fraternally / Fish

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Hey Regina,
I'm looking for a tour bike, but will not be in Queenstown before middle of December :(
any chance we can still arrange a deal?
Cheers, Ingrid

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breige and frank

We can buy the mans bike now tell us the size and describe it please. We dont want the bags as we have our own! We can ask you to leave the bike in ST PETERS CHURCH qUEENSTOWN WHERE i CAN COLLECT IT PLEASE SEND US YOUR BANKING DETAILS SO IF ALL IS AGREEABLE WE CAN PAY THANK YOU breige and Frank

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