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A becoming legend in Big Sur, California

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A becoming legend in Big Sur, California

Our host yesterday evening in Pacific Valley was Murdoch Martin, who is on the way to become a legend for the cyclists who make the West coast the USA by bicycle. In his 2nd year as registered host on, we were already his 106th and 107th guests. The room where he installs us is moreover sprinkled with mail and souvenir cards of any accabit left by the travelers who came here before us.

Murdoch is particularly well situated in Big Sur, in a quite small village where he is the only host in 75 km around. Kind, helpful, he prepared us the best plate of pasta which is, and this morning cooked waffles with nothing less that some real maple syrup, left in present by his host of the day before, a cyclist of Toronto-Canada.

Thank you Murdoch, thank you for everything, thanks to the name of all the cyclists travelers around the world. You are of those who make of a so extraordinary network throughout the world.