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Tour planning...

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Tour planning...

I'm back, with what may be another rather silly question, and potentially one discussed before, but here goes...

It seems from blogs and stories I've read on here and other websites that the pinnacle of touring is to simply get on your bike with all your stuff and head off in a general direction with all your kit attached. Planning a route and sorting accommodation seems to be slightly frowned upon. This does seem to be the way to do things...however, surely this would make this wonderful website and resource entirely useless...if you cycle until it gets dark or you tire then surely finding a host with no notice is pretty much impossible...? And planning to stay with a host occasionally just means you have a deadline and venue you must reach...?

I will be cycling to Italy next year and have taken a month off work to achieve this. I want to be free in terms of route and daily distances but would also like to stay with some hosts. Do I contact people and say I might need their services or do I try last minute contact...???

The more I read and learn, the more I realise there is to learn.....

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For me I use mostly camping

For me I use mostly camping but before a long trip I check for host (in big cities for exemple where campground are not very
exciting ) and I send a little message asking them if they are free at that time

If I have responses (not always ) I ask for cell phone number (easier than internet) and says I 'll ask ( or not ) fews days before

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I determine a general route and contact all potential hosts along that route before I even leave. The idea is to let them know you will be heading that way and arrival will be around a certain week. This makes you familiar to them when the time comes. You can always back out or be more precise later. This way most of the work is done before one hits the road. To me, meeting hosts is the best part of a ride.

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I like to look at the WS map

I like to look at the WS map along the path I plan on traveling to make a mental note of host locations. This way if the weather gets wet I know whether there are hosts around to try and coordinate a stay.

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for me i cant count in hosts, it need more time
camping is good solution
i feel more free and i can stop any time and any where

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As a host, it is obvious that

As a host, it is obvious that there are all sorts of people who plan or don't plan their trips. Some are extremely precise months before they travel and request a certain day and never change it. Others contact me the night before or even the day of and say they may be in the area and could I host them. Everyone seems to have their own style and comfort zones.

I think you need to have a few nights planned out - certainly when you are arriving and probably the night before departure. If you need to build or pack up your bike, it would be courteous to let them know what you intend. If there are touristy places on your route, then by all means book them ahead of time and let the host know that you may not be able to say the exact night but will confirm with them at least 48 hours ahead especially if there are any changes.

I live on an island with lots of tourists so I am used to people planning their route to include my place simply because it is often costly to stay here. I have never had a sense that planning ahead and sorting out accommodations early on was frowned upon.

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I agree with what Susans says

I agree with what Susans says. We are all cyclists and its about to find out which way of travelling suits you best.
I am more of the planning-type kind of guy.
Last summer I cycled from my hometown (Ghent) in Belgium to Istanbul - and i planned the whole trip - both routing and places to stay - in advance until Bucurest in Romania, which was about 20 days on the road and about 10 warmshowers-stays. The part from bucharest to Istanbul I planned in Bucharest, but there were almost no warmshowers in Bulgaria, so i booked hotels there (I don't like camping very much :) ).
I started to plan and write hosts more than a month before I left - and it all worked out perfectly, I could stick to my plan easily. All i did was confirm a few days in advance I was on my way and the host still could expect me, and i also wrote the day itself to say i was coming.

Richard, what concerns my very own city (and actually Belgium in general), there is a really huge number of warm showers hosts, so you sure can find a host here in short term notice. On the other hand, if you wanna feel sure about it in advance, i think i can be some kind of 'backup'. Normally on weekdays and when not travelling myself, i'm home so i can always host you if you want. If it turns out i am not available, you can always look for someone else.



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This is WS website ...WS ...camping and hote is down the road...

1. I am often surprised that so many people here, at this WS website, make posts that seem to suggest that WS is too difficult for them, particularly as Guests, or otherwise not useful. I wonder, why do they bother to be Members ?

2. I suggest there is a difference between a "plan" and a rigid itinerary. But most people don't bother trying to understand that difference.

3. I do think it's a good idea to tell a potential Host when requesting a Stay, approximately when you plan to pass their location, subject to later confirmation. As a Host, I try to be flexible enough to accept a Request at short notice.

4. I have found it useful to myself, as well as to others with whom I discuss my tour, to make a *flexible* plan, and share it with them. Now, I will Share it with all you WS members ! note that it includes a currency converter and a dictionary, as well as a few other utilities.

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