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North from Ushuaia

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North from Ushuaia


My name is Kate, I'm a 24 year old Australian and I've just finished 6 years of Uni - so I'm well overdue a break (and avoiding getting a Proper Job!).

I will be cycling from Ushuaia, Argentina leaving early January 2017 (around the 7th I think) and heading north to Colombia through Torres del Paine, and the Carretera Austral (to start with).

I will be very slow in the beginning, not looking at doing 100km days - but what I lack in bike touring experience I make up for in enthusiasm!

I'm a good cook, I speak some (rusty) Spanish and German.

Looking for another young crazy interested in starting out together.

Get in touch if you're keen!



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Hey Kate,

I have similar ambitions. Flying into Buenos Aires on Jan. 9, will be in Ushuaia by Friday I think, maybe sooner. Only plan is to start biking north. Would be great to ride together to break up the legendary Patagonian headwinds I keep hearing about.


Cheers, Kai

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Hey Kate!

Hey Kate!

Great to hear there are some people doing the same!

I'm also thinking to do the same but trying to get there before 31th of Dec, however It is been kind of difficult to find the flights from Venezuela(Where I am from)

If you like to share some thoughts on the journey, just let me know.

If you have whatsapp, just drop me a line.

Best wishes.

Fernando Fierro

Whatsapp: +584149991340


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Up north

Just whatasapped you. Planning the same,maybe couple of days earlier,depending on my arrival in ushuaia. Am now in comodoro rivadavia,following ruta3 south from thursday on. Anyone else going south or later up north? Feel free to whatsapp +4917638088503 or textmessage to +54 11 4043-5515. cheers marc

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Carretera Austral

Hi kate, hi guys.

i‘m 24 years old, from switzerland and a bike enthusiast. I cycled in cuba in november and then from santiago to puerto montt, where i‘ll arrive tomorrow.

i‘d love to ride the carretera austral but heard that the wind‘s blowing from south to north normally... that‘s why i decided to take a boat from puerto montt to puerto natales and then maybe visiting a friend in punta arenas. I‘ll be there between christmas and new year‘s eve and am flexible with the departure date.

as i got a bit bored of riding alone i‘d love to head north through patagonia, torres del paine and the carretera austral with one (or more) of you guys!

let me know if you‘re interested:

i speak german, english, spanish and french (at least a bit)

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wind and boat

the wind blows north to south mostly.  the boat between puerto montt is great, but expensive (more than $560 us). It's probably a good idea to ride south and take the boat back north- although flights are generally much cheaper.  

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hi sage, thanks for your

hi sage, thanks for your infos. i finally took the boat down (cost me 460 usd, didn't have to pay extra for the bike).

now i met a friend who's travelling by car, so i might go for the easier option and travel with him ;)...

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Hi! I'm Marco from Italy and on 29 december i will start my journey from bariloche going towards south. I'll do the carretera austral from futaleufu, villa o'higgins, torres del paine, punta arenas...and i'll finish in Ushuaya. It would be nice to meet even if only some hour to eat together and speak about our trip. Or maybe decide a place for camping or be hosted.




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hi marco

hi marco

sounds good! i wish you an awesome trip :)

my plans changed a bit, so we probably won't meet...

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