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Irish girl looking to rent/borrow ladies bike for 10 days in LA

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Irish girl looking to rent/borrow ladies bike for 10 days in LA

Hi Warm Showers folk

My name is Michelle, I'm 44 and from Ireland. I'm currently touring from Vancouver to the Panama Canal.
I'm having a great trip and have been hosted by lots of great Warm Showers hosts. I'm loving the open road.
I'm in LA at the moment. (Nov 15th)

My friend Leann (also Irish) is a hospital consultant and full time working mum with 3 young kiddies.
She is joining me on Nov 25th and will cycle south with me for 10 days. She is flying into and out of LA.
We toured together in Chile 10 years ago.

She has her own touring bike at home and panniers etc. She is planning on breaking down her bike and boxing it up and bringing it with her.
However... I just thought I'd throw it out there to see if it might be possible to borrow or rent a bike for her instead.
I know she will be pretty stressed as it is, getting ready and just getting out the door.

It would be a lot easier if we could just pick up a bike from someone in LA and then drop it back before she flies home.
I'm quite happy to pay for the loan/rental.
She is 5.3 in height.
We plan to cycle from LA to El Rosario in the Northern Baja Peninsula over about 10 days.
We'll then get the bus back up to LA together and go to Yosemite for a few days hiking.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly welcome,
Thank you, Michelle

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Hi Michelle,

Hi Michelle,

If your friend needs help packing the bike and going to the airport, let me know, I'll help out if I can


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Hi Philip. That's really kind

Hi Philip. That's really kind. Thank you for the offer. However she lives in Manchester, so might be a little tricky. Really appreciate you answering though. Cheer. Michelle

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