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VIETNAM Any Bad Experience Biking in Vietnam ?

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VIETNAM Any Bad Experience Biking in Vietnam ?

Dear Bikers,

I wish I could get some feedback about bikers in Vietnam.
I am getting conflictual info.

a few years ago, a very charming french couple were biking (fully loaded) in Vietnam escorted by Vietnam speaking friend.
They told me that all the way, they were shouted at and according to the voce intonation, it was definitely NOT friendly.

Then they asked their vietnam speaking friend what they were shouted.
Their friend said, i would better not to translate it, TOO INSANE !

I cant believe it

This would never ever happen in China nor in Thailand ( both I know very well )

Any feedback ?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration , as I plan to visit Vietnam in 2018

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Cycling Vietnam

We spent nearly 2 months (mid dec 2014/mid feb 2015) cycling through Vietnam and would jump on a plane today, right this minute and go back. We crossed over from Cambodia and cycled down to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City then up to the Central Highlands and out to the coast. Then worked our way to Hanoi before flying back to the States. We too heard mixed reviews but these were mostly from backpackers that pretty much only went to the tourist spots. You will hear lots of horns beeping in the cities and sometimes that can be a bit crazy. We were only over charged once for our meal and we knew it, but there was no sense in arguing over a dollar. Seriously we had a wonderful wonderful experience in Vietnam and can only say great things about our experience. In fact, the only time we experienced any negativity was from a German man in Da Nang. He couldn't believe after what Americans did in Vietnam over 40 years ago why on earth would we be there. I (Ron) almost asked him if he ever visited France, Poland, or any other European country after what the Germans did there back in the day, but decided not too. We also speak German fluently so our conversations were a mix of English and German and this guy was a total ass!

Here is a link to our write-ups from Vietnam.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Ron & Petra

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Thank You so much

Dear Petra and Ron,

Thank you very much for your testimony, I really appreciate.

I was actually planning to skip Vietnam but now I wont.
This confirm we should never generalize, my friends had a bad experience and this does not mean all bikers will have a bad experience.

For the small story, I used to have very biased prejudices about the Balkans ( Albania, ... ) because here in Switzerland, ... well better not to mention ...
... and after talking with a few bikers, the say uninanimously that people there are the outmost friendly and hospitable.
One guy told me " Georges, do not worry, all the bad guys are now in the West"

I will definitely look at your stories carefully.
Just amazing what you both did , this indeed inspire me a lot as I have now plenty of time as a retired guy.

Ah ah, you have never been yet to Switzerland ! Well, frankly not a big miss since Swiss look like very much the same as south of Germany (Bayern) or Austria, the only difference is that prices are at least twice if not 3 x+ , ah ah

However, you have never been to China, ... but you are young and surely you will, so lets keep in touch, I hope to be able to host you guys since my wife will be based in the south of China, between Hong Kong and Macao.

I see that you have been to Italy. Definitely a gorgeous place, particularly the north where all the lakes are, Lago di Como, Guarda, Lago Maggiore, the paradize on earth. Moreover, the people there are so friendly, fun, cool and plenty of fantazia not like the north of Europe ( Swiss included eh eh )

Thank you
With my kindest regards,

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I can only confirm what Ron

I can only confirm what Ron and Petra said. We were there last December in the Mekong Delta, and December-February 2014/15 we cycled from Hanoi to Saigon over 3 months. Most people shout 'hello', and want a photo with you. We too overpaid for a meal, but if you ask the price first.... As to the war, most Vietnamese are too young to remember it, and we met people in the north and south who lived through it, but it is history, they spoke freely about their time without any sense of anger. Tourist sites are like tourist sites around the world, and morons are evenly spread in every country. We are flying to Hanoi in 2 weeks to follow the Ho Chi Minh Highway to Saigon, on trikes! Our third visit in two years. We love the place.

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thank you

Thank you so much for your kind feedback
I am relieved now and will definitely visit Vietnam

regarding prices, my host told me something weird, they said when they see "white face", prices are multiplied by X
and they do not want to bargain, YOU TAKE IT OR LEAVE, well ...

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I just want to reiterate what

I just want to reiterate what the others have said. I have lived in Vietnam for the past 3 years and cycled extensively around the country and I can honestly say it is one of my favourite places to cycle in. Of course it is very beautiful and on the whole the people are super friendly. I speak Vietnamese and usually ride with my Vietnamese wife so between us we understand what is being said. Very occasionally you will pass a group of men who are drinking and shout something rude but not in an aggressive or threatening way and it's more about bravado and getting laughs from their drinking buddies rather than anything malicious and it is very rare. More often than not you'll be invited to join them for a drink.

In central and northern Vietnam as a foreigner you will pay more than a local for food etc. But don't get too upset even Vietnamese from the south get charged more and you probably wouldn't notice unless you are very aware of what the correct prices are - prices are still comparatively very cheap. Still it always pays to ask the price before eating.

Apart from that all you have to worry about is the traffic and even that isn't as crazy as it first appears especially outside the cities and away from the major highways.

Enjoy Vietnam - you will have a wonderful trip

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thank you very much, I appreciate your time and consideration

oh surely I will enjoy Vietnam, thanks a lot again

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VIETNAM Any Bad Experience Biking in Vietnam

I thoroughly enjoyed cycling in Vietnam. Women and children were always friendly, and so were many of the men ( the men seemed more reserved.) The only problem I had was with all the children who wanted to "High 5" as I went past on country roads. THeir enthusiasm meant that there was sometimes too much force for my bike-jiggled wrists. After a while I declined to high 5 anyone who looked over 6 years old! :-D

Cycling in the cities was no fun due to the high voluime of traffic and noise, but the rest was blissful.

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Thank you

Thank you very much Biffy, ah ah my host told me the same regarding the kids, all wanted to test their bikes

yes, my wife and I visited Saigon a few years ago (no bike), and she hated the scooters, she was just afraid crossing the road, ah ah

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