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Who Pedaled This Bicycle To This Point In Time?

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Who Pedaled This Bicycle To This Point In Time?

Who Pedaled This Bicycle To This Point In Time?
Frosty Wooldridge

Look at this bicycle decked out in brilliant flowers. Wow! Such creative energy thriving from the front baskets to the rear wheel---covered with someone’s imagination. Emerson said, “God laughs in flowers.” Such a profound statement!

Where did this bicycle take its riders? What were they thinking as they pedaled along on their daily journey to school or work or to the grocery store? Or, what kid pedaled along a dusty road? Did one person ride this bike to its flowery rendition at this juncture in time? Who took loving care to outfit it with baskets of flowers?

What about you? Have you treated your bike like a “Magic Carpet Ride” that took you on magnificent journeys? When it takes its last ride, will it end up with flowers decorating its life? Did your life represent “Laughter, joy and flowers?”

Thanks to each of you who ride a bicycle to bring laughter and joy to all you meet. When you pull into some town somewhere on the planet with your bike fully loaded with panniers and gear, you represent the magic of humanity’s quest to explore. You inspire everyone you meet with your smile, your heart and your joy of bicycle travel. Let’s make everyone we meet excited about his or her journey, too. Sandi and Frosty Wooldridge, on tour, Wisconsin, summer 2016.