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Carretera Austral paved information

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Carretera Austral paved information

Dear community.
I live in Puerto Varas, near the start/end of Carretera Austral. I´ve received many guests that either are going to or coming from the Carretera Austral. Every year there are more miles/kilometers paved and right now I don’t really know which parts are paved and which parts stay as dirt (ripio) roads.
Do you have an updated track of the Carretera Austral where I can see whichs parts are paved and which parts are not. Maybe you or you know someone that has recently ride through with a GPS and marked each point. The guest I had didn’t have a GPS or didn’t record the entire road.
If you have this information, please share it with me so I can give this valuable information to my future Warmshowers guests.
I can use KMZ, KML, GPX or even Shapefiles.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you and ride safe!

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Sorry - I don't have a map.

Sorry - I don't have a map. Luckily the Carratera Austral is just one road so worrying about GPX files was the least of my worries! But as of March/April 2016, the following was true (from South to North).

Villa O'Higgins to Cerro Castillo - RIPIO
Cerro Castillo to about 30 to 40 km short of Puyuhapi - Paved
From there up to Puyuhapi - Ripio
Puyuhapi to Villa Santa Lucia - Mainly paved but with some ripio sections

That is where I left the Carratera Austral. From Villa Santa Lucia to Futaleufu it is all Ripio

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