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WANTED: Ortleib front Panniers in INDIA

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WANTED: Ortleib front Panniers in INDIA

Hi All

My name is Jason and I am lucky enough to be touring in India at the moment. For the record its absolutely amazing.

What's not so good is the fact I had a car driver open their door on me and its completely wrecked my left hand side pannier. Its being held together by large amounts of tape at the moment but its beyond anything other than very temporary..

I have tried to find Ortleib resellers in India with no luck and it will double the price of the panniers if I have them shipped in.... Ouch.

I am hoping someone will be finishing a tour in India and would be happy too sell me there Front Panniers or if someone will be flying into India soon and would be kind enough to bring me a set with them or maybe someone even knows where I can pick up a set here in India.

All the Best