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South Africa - Western Cape

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South Africa - Western Cape

I'm looking for companion(s) for a loop around Western Cape starting and terminating in Cape Town. At first it follows the Indian Ocean Coast and involves a longer stay at De Hoop Nature Reserve for some wildlife spotting. Then it heads to Mossel Bay and to Prince Albert through the picturesque Swartenberg Pass. The way back to Cape Town will mainly use the Route 62. Before reaching the destination it would be great to see the Cape of Good Hope and the Atlantic Ocean Coast.

Tour Begin/End Dates: Feb 13 -Feb 28

Companion Should ideally be:
* Any gender
* I'm 43 old, but the age doesn't really matter to me
* Straight, but I really don't mind
* Married/Single/Divorced: whatever
* Vegetarian/Carnivore/Omnivore: whatever
* Slow/Fast: capable to ride 100km a day