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Tout Terrain Single Trailer FOR SALE

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Tout Terrain Single Trailer FOR SALE

Fantastic go-anywhere trailer from Tout Terrain. It has been everywhere with a child who started at 3 months old and is now just 4 years old. The trailer is in good condition, still works just perfectly and is much loved by the boy, but he now rides his own bike and we own a Hase Pino All Round instead for longer tours. It's been along the length of Norway, down the Carretera Austral in Chile and Argentina, through Tibet, Taiwan, NW United States and Canada. It's perfect for rough roads and is indestructible.

It was expensive when we bought it and even more expensive now. The frame of the trailer is in perfect condition, no rust on the Cr-Mo Steel. The cover is perfectly fine but Tout Terrain still sell replacement covers for 300 euros if someone wants to make it look even better. It still comes completely apart and packs down small for taking on planes. We just always tell them it's a stroller and it has always gone for free.

If you know anyone with a kid then point them our way. It works up to about a 5 year old child but our son is too demanding and has spent the last two years standing up whenever we go anywhere.

We'd like someone to use this trailer loads because it's an amazing piece of engineering, tracks beautifully and it's hard to tell it's even there when you're riding. We used two wheel trailers and there is no real comparison. For rough roads our son has been kept perfectly happy with the great Rock Shox suspension and the single wheel. Two wheel trailers are a nightmare on rough roads and we met one couple riding the Carretera Austral who had broken their axle twice in only a few hundred km of washboard corrugations.

If anyone wants it we can get it to the UK (We currently live in Malaysia) for Easter. We can also get it to Canada in June. Retail price is currently $1800 ( We've also been told it's for sale on a German site for 1350 Euros.

We'll sell ours for half whatever it costs new so $/Euros 600. It's also got an extra seat post clamp so you can move it from one bike to another. Get in touch if you're interested.

A set of current photos can be found here:

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Now sold

Sorry if anyone's still interested, it's sold to someone through this site. Good luck hunting

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