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searching for bikes in new zealand

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searching for bikes in new zealand

We are now travelling the world since a year. After we started by bike cycling through the balcans for six months we sold our bikes in Athens. Now we miss them and hope we can cycle on in New Zealand in the end of the year 2017/ beginning of 2018. For that reason we look for bikes and equipment in New Zealand somewhen in october/november.

We are thankful for anykind of further informations about buying/renting bikes in New Zealand. Or maybe someone has bikes we can borrow?

Thanks for anykind of help in advance.

All the best to all the cyclists out there.

Adrian & Zoe

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You can find bikes on TradeMe

You can find bikes on TradeMe which operates like part eBay and Craigslist. Been looking for my brother and there are options all over the country and at a variety of price levels.

Otherwise you could look at something like

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Hi Guys, I just uploaded a

Hi Guys, I just uploaded a add for my bike. ;) And I know a other guy who want to sell his bike as well, also in Dunedin.

Cheers Anne

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Hi guys, i am going to finish a trip in new zealand this year around october 20th in auckland and i ll be selling my bike(i didnt bought it yet, ill do that in australia) so if you want we keep in touch in case you still need it , cheers !!!

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biking in NZ

My wife and I went to NZ north island in Jan for 3 months to hike and bike, it was our 2nd time there, we went to the south island for 3 months in 2016. I bought a Reid mountain bike for $400 NZ and sold it just before leaving for $200. It was much cheaper than renting. My wife also bought a bike that we brought back home with us. We mostly biked in the mountain bike parks and bike trails. We biked on city roads occasionally but would not bike on country roads. We have biked in the western US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Netherlands and France and I will say that NZ is the worst country by far to road bike. The roads are narrow usually without a shoulder and very windy. The drivers there ignore the speed limits, trucks and buses take up the entire narrow lanes and will not yield to bikers. The road bikers I talked to all had near misses. NZ is a beautiful country to visit and we're planning on going back again but it is not bike friendly. Regards, Jim

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