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Flying TAP Portugal with bikes

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Flying TAP Portugal with bikes

Hey everyone,

Does anyone have any experience flying TAP Portugal with bikes?
There isn´t much information at their website. It is not clear whether they charge any type of bike, no matter its weight. or only those that exceed their limit.

I and my husband are planning to ride between Berlin and Copenhage next summer, departing from Brazil.

Clues are welcome. Thanks!


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Just Flew TAP with Bikes

We just returned from 5 weeks riding in Portugal... very nice.
We flew from Ottawa - Ontario Canada to London Heathrow via Air Canada
and London- Heathrow to Lisbon via TAP-Portugal.

We boxed our bikes, took off pedals, turned the handle bars and deflated tires.
Air Canada charged us $100 Canadian per bike PLUS a extra baggage fee of$50.
Each bike cost $150 Can to get from Canada through to Lisbon.

Each bike was measured to make sure it met the 164 linear inches and weighed - Max 70 lbs.

Call ahead to tell them you are bringing bikes. We didn't on our return trip from Lisbon and
it held us up for an extra 30 minutes as they figured out what to do.

On our return trip we flew Lufthansa and it was 100 Euros per bike from
lisbon to Canada.

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