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Help please! Panniers needed for two weeks, NZ

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Help please! Panniers needed for two weeks, NZ


After cycling around NZ South Island with my mum last month I have decided to quit my job as a dairy farmer to explore some of the North Island by bike. My first solo cycle tour - eeep! Mum took my panniers back to England with her, unaware of my eagerness to cycle some more. Due to leaving my job I have limited funds so I am unable to purchase another set of panniers just for my short trip. I will be cycling around the Coromandel and Bay of Plenty to Mt maunganui around 14th April to 28th April.

If anyone has a spare pair of panniers I could borrow for ten days to two weeks please may you help me out. I am happy to leave something like my passport with you as security I will return them. I've tried to cycle with my bag strapped to my rack but it keeps falling off and panniers seem to be the only way I can manage this trip.

Thank you all, happy cycling,