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trip down the rhine

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trip down the rhine

We are planning to bike the Rhine from the source to the sea this summer. Anyone have any suggestions?

We plan very little, air Canada Toronto to zurich, 4 weeks later fly home from Amsterdam. Mid July to mid Aug, do I need to pre-book accommodation? Or just wing it?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Jerry and Kris

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Hi Jerry and Kris,

Hi Jerry and Kris,

if you come by Bonn, Germany, I am happy to host you two if I will be in the ciry at that time.

Of course it is high season then and it will be harder to find accomodation then right now, but I think all in all you do not necessarily need to pre-book. Gives you also some more flexibility :)


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"pre-book" ..? what ?

Do you mean " pre-book at WS contacts .." ? or do you mean, per-book hotels ..?

If you mean " hotels", I sure hope you haven't given up hope of any WS already ! ( This IS the WS website, not Trip Adviser, after all ...)

BTW : I recommend the Vodafone SIM for ~ 20euro/30 days . Beyond that, there are links at the bottom of my WS profile to my own travel in Germany in 2015. It's NOT a blog.....

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My wife and I rode from

My wife and I rode from Shafhaussen to Rotterdam in July 2013 along the Rhine. Many hosts were away or with kids and family as it is holiday time. We used a lot of hotels and b & b 's. If you start at Zurich how about train to Lake Lucerne to do the boat/cog railway/chairlift day trip

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upper rhine

Make sure not to miss the upper rhine, which starts way before lake constance! I havent cycled anything further than Chur, but sure its worth!
We live a bit east of the rhine, but not far at all. If you want to stay here you're welcome. No need for pre booking, but if you give us a rough estimate when you would like to stay, its always nice to know in advance.

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Trip down the Rhine

Cycling Sandi from Australia here. I am considering this tour starting mid June from Andematt at the Oberalppass and hopefully, going all the way to sea level on the Dutch coast. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly received by this senior cyclist. Safe cycling everybody.

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rhine tour kayak clubs

you are welcome to stay with us (location is at rhinekilometre 423).
#1 always a good option to put up a tent are the many kayak clubs along the river.
#2 you might consider short train journeys to avoid congested industrial areas and spent more time at pleasant locations

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Plenty of time

Four weeks is plenty of time. I did this last year in 2 weeks, although we did take the train through several of the urban areas. It was very easy to get on and off the trains with our bikes! Also we took layover days and visited Phantasialand and Europa Park! Coasters in Europe are the best! Enjoy your ride...but be sure to start it in Zurich with a swim in the Limmat!

Here is a video of the first half of the ride:

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Hosting in Zurich


You are welcome to stay at our place in Zurich. Do you take a tent with you? There are many nice campgrounds along the Rhine if you can't find a WS for every day.

Happy easter and best wishes
Yvonne + Iwan

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