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use Map ...? or, use List ..?

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use Map ...? or, use List ..?

When i am looking for a Host, I will start at the Map.

As required, I will "zoom out" the Map to get to where ever I want to " go " eg to Paris, or New York, or Gangtok...

Then, i will "see" the members's sites at that location..I can "zoom in" to find those closest to my intended route...

( Of course, I realise many of these will be " ineffective" ie unavailable for whatever reason, outdated, completely bogus, etc. But that is not the issue here: the List can be just as out of date..)

What I do not understand is why anyone would use the List to find a Host, as the geographical accuracy of the list is meaningless.

I must be missing something about the usefulness of the List. Please enlighten me.

( for what it's worth, there are many suggestions elsewhere for improving the accuracy/utility of the listings - the point here ; what does the List provide that the Map does not...? )

I am sorry if this has been discussed before , as I am sure it has. The website is not easy to Search....

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BTW : I was prompted to think about this ( not for first time) when i recently Stumbled on a member's profile, which included the information : "...message me for my real address, because the Map marker for me is not accurate, because if it is accurate, I go down in the list.." [ paraphrase]

This seems bizarre to me, that a Member should " game" the system to get a "high ranking" in the List (!)

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I Agree

Hey Bicycle Fish - I have to agree with you...the search feature is very difficult to use. The list, in my opinion, is useless. And, if you try the search module, with country dropdown, and enter a city, you get a 404 error. The site definitely needs work.

I also wish the site would ask people occasionally if their listing is still valid. I'm going to Iceland this summer and was hoping to stay at one of the *ONLY 2* listings in Iceland. Unfortunately, 5 months have gone by, and neither person has responded. Sigh...

But, with that said, I'm still very happy to have it - no one else is offering such a cool website for us bicycle tourists. Of course, I'm not saying we shouldn't complain. Squeaky wheels get the grease. And with a site this complex, I'm sure the webmaster needs a little help pointing out issues. So, good on you.

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