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Wanted used touring bike in Demark or in Germany or Netherlands

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Wanted used touring bike in Demark or in Germany or Netherlands

I had this idea for a long time! A trip from Denmark passing from 13 countries back to Greece. It should be awesome to pass though Denmark > Germany > Netherlands > Belgium > France > Switzerland > Italy > Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia > Montenegro > Albania > Macedonia > Greece with a bicycle, a real optionality to find my self in the journey and get know about the culture of Europe. My plan is to fly in 24 of May to Copenhagen and start my trip hopefully 4 days later. The trip it will last for around 3 months using only my will power to go forward. Since i have to bike the bike in another country i have for plan b Germany and Netherlands if you have a offer there let me know.

What I will need:
The most important thing is a used touring bike.
The size that i search is 56 to 58 cm it should have a rear rack for panniers, the size of the wheel should be 700c, it should have at least 7 speeds and ideally a dynamo and front rack but it's not necessary. The price range should be somewhere from 70 to 250 euro. The lower the amount the better so I can have some money in case something goes terrible wrong, like a accident. If the you have a deal with everything include don't hesitate to send me info about it even if outside my budget.
A good example what I search for is:
Maybe city bikes can also be suitable too and i don't have problem if instead of chain it have a belt.

I'm also search for waterproof bags, a small one person tent, a sleeping bag and maybe lightweight mattress.

Since it's does not make sense to carry that stuff with me with a airplane i will search to buy it there. Used also going to preferred since I'm in a tight budget and even it will be awesome if you have some old gear that you don't want and you want to give it away or with a very small amount.

How you can help ?
If you have a bike and you want to sell it or you know some people that can help me great get me in contact.
Ideally the person that it will know the right information it will be a cyclist that make a tour with hes bike before :D

If you don't know people you can still help, is there a website or a facebook group that the sell used bikes ? Or can i find cheaper somewhere in Denmark ? Im searching 50km around Copenhagen.

Lastly I will need to stay for 4 days in Copenhagen so if you want to host a young energetic person send me a message !

Let me summarize, I search for a :
- bike for touring for 70 to 250 euro (maybe more if it's really sweet deal)
- waterproof bicycle bags
- light way one person tent
- sleeping bag
- lightweight mattress
- a awesome person to host me for 4 nights

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Probably something you are looking for
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Bike for sale in south Germany

Could my husbands bike work for you? We just finished a bike tour in Netherlands/Germany. Bike is €150 -

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Hey thanks for the reply, I

Hey thanks for the reply, I checked the bike, i will fly to Denmark in 24 of May and if i don't find a proper bike for touring, then this is my plan b and i will contact you with a pm to inform you what happened.

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Bike is sold

Hi - we have sold the bike now. Good luck with your trip!

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