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Athens to Cadiz, Spain (Eurovelo 8)

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Athens to Cadiz, Spain (Eurovelo 8)

Hi! My plan for summer 2013 is to cycle from Athens to Cadiz, Spain along the route of the Eurovelo 8. I cycled the Eurovelo 5 from the UK to southern Italy in 2010 and I'm happy making up the route as I go along, in fact I think I prefer it that way (although if you know of specific routes I could follow, I'd be interested in knowing about them). What I would be interested in knowing however, are some interesting things that I could do along the way other than the usual tourist kind of stuff. If they are cycling related, so much the better. Do any of you live along the route? Do you know people who live along the route? Are there out-of-the-way places that I shouldn't cycle straight past? I wrote a book about my experiences along the Eurovelo 5 and it's my intention of doing the same thing again for my odyssey along the Mediterranean coast. Any information would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Andrew
This, by the way, is the route I'll be following...,5.800781&spn=15.997026,33.75
And my own website is