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Robbed in Campsite in Maubeuge (France)

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Robbed in Campsite in Maubeuge (France)

Just be aware if you have to stop for one night in Maubeuge Municipal Camping, just because you have no choice.
It was our first night in a campsite of our adventure and it has been so stressful that had a huge impact on our journey.
The camping is on a big main road and surrounded by houses which overview the site. Early morning someone took a couple of our bike panniers while we were asleep. When we woke up there was a big dog with our water bottle in his mouth hanging around our tent and a young local boy walking around.
The staff was helpful just for getting in touch with the police and taking us to the police station but they didn't warn us when we arrived that something like that already happened and also that the campsite doesn't lock at night; anyone could get inside. We were the only one in a tent and the few other people were inside caravans. The experience has been really stressful. We lost a lot of cooking equipment, spares and tools as well as all the maps and valuable, irreplaceable things. We had to buy spares panniers and everything else from decathlon which was a waste of money for the quality is really bad.
We spent one extra day in Maubeuge (Hotel) to deal with police, replace what we needed and recover from shock. We left that place with anger and we kept cycling remembering the loss. Dealing with the insurance has been a nightmare because we were traveling and also some of the stolen things were old (more valuable for us) or personal items which cannot be replaced (my personal sketchbook with illustrations which I had for long time. The lesson we learned for the future is to have an insurance only if you have the list of things you own with prooves of receipts (PDF or scans, bank statements and so on).
If they only warned us (apparently it's not the first time that happened) we would have done something to prevent this.
So if you sleep in a tent be aware of targeted campsites like the one in Maubeuge.
Keep cycling. B

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In such situations it's

In such situations it's always advisable to trust no one and bring your valuables into the tent with you.
Did you write to the mayor of the town? You should. And to the local newspaper at the same time.
It's good that you post that here but I wouldn't make it so specific to this or that town, I mean, your warning should be about camping in general, especially in campgrounds where you pay (municipal or private, that can happen anywhere).
Good luck. I can empathize with you regarding the loss of an agenda with details about past itineraries (or like you, sketche, illustrations, etc.) for it happened to me once, not directly while biking but as a passenger in a train.
Anyway, take care.

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No Warning

I was assaulted by two Africans at Place de la Bastille, getting out of a taxi. The driver didn't warn me that it was not a good place to be at 3 am. I was on my way home from a night out. Thought it would be nice to walk home.

Do you have a link to the campsite?

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Put all your stuff into your tent and put bike look ( at night as for a as quick stop to buy something )