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Buying a bike in Iran!

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Buying a bike in Iran!


I'm writing you for some advice!

I will be coming to Iran this summer (july and august) with the idea of travelling West-Iran by bike. It's my first time I will be visiting Iran and my first time I do a bike trip that long, so i'm pretty excited. My idea is to begin in the Kurdish province (Marivan, Sanandaj) bike down to Kermanshah, down to Shuhstar to see the ancient ruins and then into the Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari province on my way to Shiraz where i will end my cycle trip. I think it would be around 1300 km. As I am not an experienced biker (i'm healthy and fit though) i think this would be manageable to ride in one month? What do you think?

If you have any other tips for me, they are more than welcome!

Furthermore, I'm planning to buy my bike once inside Iran (because travelling with Austrian Airlines the luggage fees are quite high). Until now I haven't been able to find some information about bike shops in Iran, and more specifically the price of a bike suiteable for this trip. Would you have any idea where best to buy my bike? Or do you know a bike shop near to you where I could buy a bike? (I might bring my own bike tires).

Anyway, I would love to thank you if you would be willing to advise me! Because it's my first trip like that, i'm rather nerveous.

Thank you.


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Maybe you should try another airline.. I have not heard before about particularly high charges to fly to Iran

While I am not an expert on Iran, the idea of buying a quality bike there - especially in a hurry - seems unrealistic. Unless you have a lot of time, and/or are extremely insensitive to discomfort and inconvenience, I would not go to any " low income" country expecting to buy a "good" bicycle for a journey of 1300 km.

BTW : it might be a good idea to "upgrade" your own Profile's Responsiveness rate - currently 50 %. Some Hosts (at least) look for a "good" Responsiveness rate before offering to Host travelers.

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Bring your own bike

Bring your own bike. It`s much more expensive as to buy a new bike. Haven`t the time to resell it.

BTW: In July and August it may a bit warm. Expect about 40 C

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