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France & Spain adventure September-October 2017

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France & Spain adventure September-October 2017

Hello! My name is Sebastian. I'm from Argentina and next September I'll be travelling to Europe for the first time. Like many of you I'm passionate about cycling and that's why I chose the following to be my first Europe-experience.
I'll get to Paris by plane. The plan is to buy a new bike and test it out for a couple of days, to get everything ready. I could one of mine from Buenos Aires, but it would be cheaper to just get a new one (prices in Argentina are crazy, plus the ticket isn't cheap at all).
I have a few friends in Marseille, so my plan is to visit them. Around the 25 or 26 of September, I'll leave Marseille and try to follow the Canal du Midi to the Atlantic Ocean. After that, the plan is to follow an EuroVelo route south and then the Camino de Santiago. I plan to get to Santiago by October 18. In the mean time, I'll cross half of Spain and pretty much all of France.
I'd love to get some advice on the state of the routes, places to sleep, tips or just plain old cultural exchange =)

It's going to me my first long biking adventure, but not the first adventure I've been in. My couchsurfing profile is: I've lived abroad and even over a year in Antarctica, working in science.

Best regards from Argentina!