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Is it possible to download and print specific pages of maps, for example hosts locations?

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Hi - You can download host

Hi -

You can download host information (the "CSV" button) but it's not in the form of a map. You could also take screenshots of the map page, but I'm not sure how much good it would do you.

Note that if you have a smartphone, you might be interested in the iPhone/iOS or Android apps, which both can download host information and show them on the map. (Note that the iOS app is currently broken on IOS6, but a new release will be out within a few weeks or days. I has been submitted to the Apple App Store)

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print list ...

I like to have a printed list ( not a map - I can get a map anywhere...) with the hosts' contact details & location. then you can simply phone ( much quicker than email) to have an answer ( Yes or No) very quickly. Usually the answer will be "yes" anyway. It's quite simple to have a printed list, tho you may have to edit some data to print conveniently. I am working on a FAQ for the Printed option, I will send it to WSL shortly. In the meantime, I am happy to help you if you need that help with your problem. Happy Travel / BF in Adelaide