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Estonia in July 2017

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Estonia in July 2017

doing about 70 km per day and sometimes staying two nights in a given place ( i. e. relaxed!)
I shall be going north up the West Coast of Latvia this weekend and spending the next 2 to 3 weeks in Estonia.
Any age or sex as long as you enjoy intelligent conversation, have a sence of humour and dont take biking too seriously. I'll probably return to Prague via Baltic Sea ferry and Germany late July. I would love ❤ to have company.

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Hi John!

Hi John!

Darn! I'm going the opposite direction you are (and a bit later)! If you have any good tips from your journeys in Estonia and Latvia let me know! I will be biking from Turku, Finland into Estonia, and as far down as I can go (may have to take some trains/ buses to speed up the process).
I would appreciate any info you may have!
Happy peddling!

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Hey John and Kara!

Hi John, Hi Kara,

I plan to get a ferry from Germany to Helsinki on the 28th of August- then across to Tallin. I'll cycle south into Poland I think. If you feel you have any useful info to give i'd appreciate it. I'll be cycling with a friend on this trip.

Kara- I imagine you'll be leaving before us, but if not get in touch :)

Enjoy friends

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Will do! If you have any

Will do! If you have any specific questions just message me. Hard to keep track of forum conversations!

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Hi Jamie, and the rest

Me and a friend will catch a ferry from Helsinki to Tallin in the coming days, and cycle along the baltic coast. We'll most likely be in Vilnius september 8. We'll probably meet on the road!

Have a safe trip y'all.

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Cycling maps

Hey Folks!

I just finished cycling through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. I have some cycling maps for each country and some basic tips. If anyone is interested let me know!

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Hi! Could you please send

Hi! Could you please send Titles of those cycling maps? I have "Eesti Rattateed" which is Estonian bicycling map. A good one!

But I'd like to find Latvian and Lithuanian version. 


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Hi Rolf,

I'm sorry, I passed on my maps to a WarmShowers host so I don't have the names anymore. I bought my maps a CityBike in Tallin. I would highly reccomend visting the shop. They guys in there are super helpful, industrious, and very generous. I bought one map and then they gave me two old maps for free. 
You can pick up basic cycling maps at tourist offices, however they don't show much detail on raod conditions. In Latvia this is really important; many of the suggested cycling routes are rough gravel roads which may not be suitable for your bicycle set-up. I would reccomend picking up another country map with road conditions and camping locations. 

If you have any other specific questions just let me know!

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Looking for info

Hi guys and girls, I'm planning on a London-St Petersburg-London next year and would love some tips about the Baltic Countries. Cheers in advance.

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Fat tyres

Finishing up my Baltic States trip, and I can recommend a setup with fat tyres, especially if you are traveling with front panniers. Fat tyres will come in handy on the sandy gravel that can be encountered in all Baltic States, my 1.5 inch front tyre didn't prevent me from swirling and even wiping out on two occasions, so I'm changing to 2 inch for the next part of the trip through eastern europe. And don't get too exited about the eurovelo suggestions, it's mostly hoax, I'm guessing the national cycle itinerary suggestions are marginally better, but my advice is to just pick your own roads and mix up gravel with asphalt, that way you won't get bored and have good fun in the nature or out on the more busy national roads.  Drivers tend to be careful, even if the HGV sometimes won't leave you much leeway when overtaking.

Have fun! 

PS: for those interested in where I cycled:

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